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The Handbook of Clients

The management of Borzooye Hospital has prepared and published the Handbook of Clients to improve the quality of hospital services. We hope this book answers some of your questions about types of services being provided in this hospital. To view and download the Handbook, follow [...]

Executive Team

Besides the CEO of the hospital, there is a team of mid managers whom to gather create “Executive Team” lead by the The CEO. At the moment, the members of Borzooye Hospital Executive Team are: ۱- The CEO: Dr. Hosein Pashaii ۲- Internal Manager: Mr. Morad Rahimi ۳- [...]

Authority Team 1392-1394

The Authority Team of Borzooye Private Maternity Hospital and Hospital, “Borzooye Medical Group Corporation (Private Stock)”, has registered legal personality and best Board of Directors whom according to company statute are doing their tasks. Board of Directors are in fact the Authority Team: 5 [...]