Borzooye - Private Maternity hospital
زایمان طبیعی رایگان
Different in providing Health Care
With the presence of expert personnel
زایمان طبیعی رایگان
Free Natural Childbirth delivery
Equipped with Endoscope
Painless delivery
Part of the pediatric equipment
Equipped Lab
Nursing Day Celebration
Infant umbilical cord blood transfusion

Clinic Units

Internal: 118&117 – 33228112 (017)

Internal: 125 – 33228112 (017)

Direct Line: 017-33241970

Internal: 145 – 33228112 (017)

Direct Line: 017-33297077

Paraclinic Units

Internal: 112 – 33228112 (017)

Internal: 113 – 33228112 (017)

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Address: The beginning of West Imam Zade street

Tel: (017) 33228112

Email: info`{`at`}`

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